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Listen in the garden – comment 19

It has been a busy couple of days, and I didn’t make any “comment” yesterday. Today there were no pressures and I could take my time. The morning was misty and grey and I stood at the window and watched a song thrush on the lawn. Stepping outside the first sound I could hear was the rain, but gradually I became aware of bird songs all around.

I am not good at identifying them all, but just listening was enough to connect with their underlying joy. So I made a little collage from pages from an old poetry book, and a drawing of a thrush. My comment on their songs…


Keep singing – comment 2

I heard this feisty little bird singing before the dawn this morning. Often associated with Christmas and snow, he is also most certainly a gardener’s friend during the muddy grey days of winter.

Keep singing in the dark little robin.

‘Twas on a Monday morning – small stone 30

The old nursery rhyme describes the laundry maid as “dashing away with the smoothing iron”, but I have no energy for dashing on this murky grey Monday morning.

However there is something gently soothing about ironing. Although I often procrastinate until the laundry basket is overflowing, the ironing process, the creaking hiss of steam and the warmth of the fabric under my hands, is distinctly pleasurable. And then there is the satisfaction of taking a crumpled, creased garment, and smoothing it. Ironing out the wrinkles and ending up with a flat, evenly pressed material.

I hang my freshly ironed clothes in the wardrobe, and wish that other wrinkles, irritations and frustrations could be as easily ironed out, sorted with just a bit of gentle heat, pressure and steam. But, sadly, life isn’t quite as “neat and nimble-O” as the nursery rhyme might imply…

Just singing – small stone 12

Tuesday night, singing a sky full of stars.

Listening to harmonies, learning patterns of phrases.

Expanding lungs, and squeezing pelvic floors to reach the heights, we give it our hearts.

We make mistakes, but get lighter the more it gets dark.

Not quite a heavenly view, but we go home happy and hoarse.


Pre Christmas  highlights included performing in two concerts with “Just Sing”, (raising £2,800 for a children’s bereavement charity), and watching a scintillating performance of “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens’ great, great grandson.


Christmas itself was a gentle time with a visit from my sister and her family. The “boys” played board games, and we ate lots of food, watched TV, talked and relaxed. The photo shows Anna and me in our matching new coats, bought independently and in different towns,  unbeknown to each other!

A few sales bargains bagged, and the latest Star Wars film viewed, we are now enjoying a quiet period. It is the in between time, after the “birth”and before the “epiphany”.  A liminal space, a chance to reflect on the year past,  and contemplate what might appear in 2016.  And of course a chance to catch up on reading some of my Christmas presents. Thank you everyone!


Guns, hats and “Just Sing”

Another fun weekend at Wimborne Folk Festival! Men (and women) in flowered and feathered hats, musketeers wandering the streets, dancers with bells, sticks and knives, it wouldn’t usually be allowed! But it was lovely to see the town packed with thousands of people enjoying a family day out. Lots of fun for children, of all ages.129___063

And “Just Sing” was performing several times, our second year, with audiences of family and friends and others who seemed to appreciate our efforts! We enjoyed ourselves anyway…

Just Sing - cornmarket  Rachel's photo

Just Sing – cornmarket
Rachel’s photo

Just Sing - Wimborne square

Just Sing – Wimborne square

Water workout – small stone 20

“I should be so lucky,
Lucky, lucky, lucky”

Kick off flip flops, drop my towel,
Slide into warm lapping water,
Not the Mediterranean, just the leisure centre.
“I should be so lucky,
Lucky, lucky, lucky”

Goes the CD, instructor sings along,
Kicking legs, punching arms,
Faster, higher, shimmy shake.
“I should be so lucky,
Lucky, lucky, lucky”

Heart pounding, muscles working,
Running, jumping, flying arms,
Under water I can do things I could never do on land!
“I should be so lucky,
Lucky, lucky, lucky”

It was an effort to go today, but as always I’m glad I went to Aquafit, and am grateful that my body can still do some of these things!