Pre Christmas  highlights included performing in two concerts with “Just Sing”, (raising £2,800 for a children’s bereavement charity), and watching a scintillating performance of “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens’ great, great grandson.


Christmas itself was a gentle time with a visit from my sister and her family. The “boys” played board games, and we ate lots of food, watched TV, talked and relaxed. The photo shows Anna and me in our matching new coats, bought independently and in different towns,  unbeknown to each other!

A few sales bargains bagged, and the latest Star Wars film viewed, we are now enjoying a quiet period. It is the in between time, after the “birth”and before the “epiphany”.  A liminal space, a chance to reflect on the year past,  and contemplate what might appear in 2016.  And of course a chance to catch up on reading some of my Christmas presents. Thank you everyone!



2 responses to “Seasonal…

  1. Thank you for all your warmth and generosity. We all love coming to be with you at Weavers. Hope the books are good.

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