Finding my voice…

In August 2013 I reflected here on my feelings about being questioned whether I sing. For decades I attended concerts and events where my husband or sons were singing, and I organised school concerts for many years. But not since my own school days have I sung in a choir. Not until this year that is.

Those musings nearly 18 months ago, plus a timely reminder and photo from an old friend about our days in the school choir, challenged me to look for a place to sing with others.

20141215-215646.jpgSo when a new choir started up near us in January 2014 I knew it was for me.

The “Just Sing” choir has given me a wonderful opportunity to find my voice again, learn new songs, make new friends and have fun. The leader of the choir, Kelly, is amazingly patient and wonderfully affirming, building our competence and confidence.

This weekend we gave a Christmas concert to raise money for the local hospice. It was a squeeze to fit us all on the stage (about 70 of us in all) and the tickets sold out virtually overnight, raising over £1500 for such a good cause. So here is a photo of me in a choir again, nearly 50 years on since the school one, (yes I am there, middle row, third from left, just behind the purple tinsel!) and I love it!



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