Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. – Mary Oliver.

Hello! My name is Cilla and I live close to the south coast of England in the UK.


For a decade I worked as a counsellor and trainer, both within the NHS and in private practice, and before that served many years as a primary school teacher. Now my “work” is less structured, and centres more on reading, writing and sewing. I recently gained an MA in Creative Writing, and run two writing groups in my local area, as well as helping out at our volunteer run Community Library.

The house where I live and work is called “Weavers”. It was named by previous occupants, but I like it. I have always loved textiles, and past generations of my family were linen weavers. So this blog is about my daily life at “Weavers”
(If you are interested, my other blog “Among the Branches” http://www.weavingbranches.wordpress.com is about past generations of my family.)

I am fascinated by the connections between the words “text” and “textile”. Both come from the Latin “texere” – to weave, fabricate or make. This blog journal I hope will bring together my love of both.
Words and fabrics.

I use, create and share both of these in the pattern of my every day routine. You could say they are the warp and weft of my life! Writing words, and manipulating textiles, often gives me insight and develops my understanding of life as a whole.

This blog is an adventure for me in sharing my fascination and enjoyment with others (if anyone is interested) A kind of investment of my collection, my “stash” of words and fabrics, investing it by using it and making, fabricating, patching and piecing scraps, thoughts and themes into small items which others can read and perhaps use themselves. I was kick started into creating it in January 2012 by Writing our Way Home’s mindful writing challenge, and their idea of “small stones”.

So what am I expecting might appear here? Constructions and creations made up of words, and fabric. Created by me from text and textiles. Put out here for you to view, use, gain ideas from or leave as you choose.


9 responses to “About

  1. What a lovely and unusual idea for a blog!

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I knew I could only keep up a blog if I wrote about things I love!

  3. You have created some very interesting distinctions with the words you have used. I look forward to reading more …. 🙂

  4. thank you for following my blog! Really looking forwrd to checking out your blog further! 🙂

  5. Hi Cilla, thanks for following my blog – my first ever follower!

    It was great speaking to you on the phone again and hearing your voice. Hopefully we can meet up for a coffee soon 🙂


  6. Gillian R. Callaghan

    Yesterday I found your blog. Like you I am interested in textiles – I am a quilter but have dabbled in a lot of textile related projects. However it was your trip to find your Quaker ancestors that really interested me. I too am related to the Haughton’s. Bertha Blain Haughton, daughter of David Haughton and Adelaide (nee Tyrrell) was my great-grandmother. Family History is another interest. There is more to write but I guess for a blog I should keep it brief! Best wishes Gillian Callaghan

    • Hello Gillian. Lovely to hear from you, and glad you’re another textile lover.
      I think we may share 5x great grandparents Benjamin and Elizabeth (Pierson) Haughton. My branch of the family is descended through Samuel Pierson Haughton, and his third wife Mary Pim, old Irish Quaker families, and their son Alfred.
      I wonder if you have visited their Irish homelands?
      I’m always interested to hear of your discoveries about the family… Thanks for commenting here.

  7. Gillian R. Callaghan

    Yes we do share 5x great grandparents! I have been to Ireland in the past but not since I have been doing Family History. I think you have some very eminent physicians in ‘your’ Haughton line. I have visited Yorkshire and done some research there re: David Haughton and his family. His son Benjamin Alfred was a landscape painter. I love most of his work – it has so much peace and beauty about it. I hope we can keep in touch. Gillian

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