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Challenge to change

mindful writing challengeIt may seem a bit premature to be thinking ahead to the new year but I am looking forward to a new challenge in January 2013

For the last two years I have taken part in Writing Our Way Home‘s mindful writing challenge called a “River of Small Stones”. I know from my own experience, and from my work with people battling with depression and anxiety, just how helpful a meditational practice it is to slow and stop, notice and observe one thing in the course of a day. Capturing that moment in a few words is like picking up an interesting pebble on a walk along the beach, and can help us come into the “now”, stepping out of a raging stream of anxious and negative thoughts.

Last year for the first time I shared those “small stones” moments here on my blog. And I will endeavour to do the same again this year!

Why not give it a go yourself!? Find out more by visiting the Mindful Writing Challenge page. You can also download a book here about writing “small stones” and beginning to change your way of seeing life.


Shell – small stone 26

Spiral patterns and softly pointed curves
Sitting quietly on my windowsill
Once you housed a deep sea creature
Now you are open to voices
Pouring out waves of emotion
Highs and lows, crashing and breaking
In gentle murmers.
I lift you to my ear and listen.

This shell sits on the window sill of my counselling room. As I noticed it today I thought of how it is said shells hold the sound of the sea, and I wondered just what I might hear stored in this shell.

Reading the journal – small stone 6

It plops through my letterbox in its plastic wrapper,
My eye is drawn to its warm colours and intriguing image,
My heart resonates with an article title.
As its  name promises it opens a door
Into a world of words springing from the minds of others .
I walk with them on their journeys of discovery
Reading their thoughts as I sip my coffee.

Thresholds is the professional journal of the Association of Pastoral and Spiritual Care and Counselling, part of the BACP – British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy of which  I am a member. This particular issue resonated with my current thinking and issues in several articles, and it made me appreciate the power and joy of the written word in sharing thoughts, feelings and understandings.  A threshold to a diverse and glorious universe of human understanding.