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Generalising July

Listening to “meet the author” on the Today programme radio four this morning, I was amused at the comment. “you can’t just write about real life, it would be too boring”. It’s true of course, the novels we read are shaped and edited, time is speeded and slowed, the focus is narrowed and widened, but repetitive routines of life are missed out to focus on action and plot.

Today in my real life the rain has fallen nearly all day, and the tomatoes I picked in the rain were muddy and wet. Not much action there.

An online course on reading novels I have been dipping into was suggesting how sometimes these routines and rhythms of life can still be described even in the best plot time line. A moment when the essence of a season, or regular event, can be captured. The description is not of a particular summer, but all summers, not just one family breakfast time, but all…

Generalising and condensing recurring moments into one description can provide the underlying rhythm of story.

So rather than try and invent some action I looked back on my July posts and photos since I started writing this online journal, to find the general themes

July skies, grey, heavy rain,

widening to cloudless blue,

July roads, stone walled in Yorkshire dales,

high mountain views in British Columbia.

July books for holiday reading,

pen meets paper healing through writing,

July fruits, red, ripe for jamming,

stirring creativity, stitching textiles.







Admiring the view

We are approaching the end of another calendar year and the media is full of reviews of 2013. The Queen in her Christmas message urged us to take time to pause, reflect, and take stock. She described meditation, contemplation or keeping a diary as a way to develop spiritually on life’s journey.

I certainly find my journaling a great help in being able to re-view, and look again at where I have come from, what I have travelled through over this year. I ask the questions “What am I grateful for, what special moments have there been, who and what has supported me?”
At the turning of the year I look back through the handwritten pages of my notebooks, and the published photo posts of my blog, and admire the view. Yes, there have been some ups and downs, grey miserable days; but also some wonderful, exhilarating and inspirational moments. There have been long hard slogs, as well as achievements of which I feel pleased and proud.
I would have forgotten a lot, but for my journaling. I surprises me when I re-read small stones, captured moments (happy and sad), splurges of discontent and fear, and quieter entries of enjoyment and peace, and I think “Oh yes! I remember….”.
For those of you who journal, in pictures, in writing or what ever media, I encourage you too, to take time to pause. Enjoy the chance to look back, and admire the view!
To you to those of you who share my journey, who support me with your friendship, thank you for your company through this year!

And now as we continue into 2014 – keep writing….!