Ghosts laid, friendships renewed

My writing on this blog has dried up in recent months, just like the weather! We’ve had virtually no rain since we returned from Spain in May, and life has been dominated by a regime of watering the allotment and trying to keep the plants alive.

Over the last few days we went for a planned break around East Anglia – the further east we went the hotter it was. Even with temperatures in the 30s most days we enjoyed the beauty of “Constable” country. We found the birthplace of great great grandfather William Sparks, and the tidal estuaries of the Orwell and the Stour were great places to catch a refreshing breeze.

We drove on towards Norfolk, exploring the layers of history in this whole area from the Anglo Saxon treasures at Sutton Hoo, to dominating castles, and soaring cathedrals. We were treated to some beautiful music in Norwich cathedral to celebrate Norfolk Day, and wandered bustling, busy market day in a sunny Ely. It was a time of meeting up and reminiscing with friends with relatives, some not seen for many years. Ghosts laid and friendships renewed.


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