Under the mountain

From the height of the mountains of La Alpujarras yesterday we went underground today. Near to Nerja is a cave system, “discovered” in 1959 by some local lads who broke through the narrow entrance in to the amazing caverns beyond. Their discovery demonstrated they weren’t the first humans to visit the caves. Human remains, prehistoric tools and many cave paintings show that these caves were first inhabited and used from about 25000 BC. Sea fishers and hunter gatherers painted their prey, and sometimes buried their dead.

Today as tourists we can access the first series of caverns, which are cathedral like in their size and splendour. Our own photos don’t capture the reality. So these are from the cave publicity. Since we first visited the Nerja caves some years ago the visitor experience is a bit better managed with timed tours and an audio visual orientation, but busier with lots of school children and more expensive!

We also located the new Nerja Museum in the centre of town which now houses some of the archeological discoveries from the caves as well as presenting the history of the area. The building is bright and modern, but not overwhelming in its content and presentation, and there was a lot of confusion as to when it was actually open! However, we were glad to see that attempts are being made to preserve and allow public access to the unique archaeological discoveries and historical research connected with these amazing caves and beautiful coastal town.



2 responses to “Under the mountain

  1. Lucky you, how fascinating! we couldn’t get tickets for the caves when we were there. Did you book before you went? x

    • Sorry you missed seeing the caves, Maryanne. We got there about 11.30 in the morning and had to wait around 45 minutes for a time slot. I think it gets busier as the day goes on, and later in the season. And the caves close at 4.00 pm. Moral is – get there early! I don’t think you can book on line (not sure about that).

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