Rhubarb resurrection

Earlier this week a friend sent me a lovely message which read “Sometimes, when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but actually you’ve been planted.”

I thought of the message again on this Easter Sunday, when we lifted the lid on our clump of forced rhubarb in the garden. Kept in the dark under an old compost bin through out the winter, it has been slower coming this year because of the cold. But it never fails to excite me to see what explodes from the dark, just like lime green and pink fireworks. How can so much colour be produced from a winter of darkness?

The rhubarb, like so much of the natural world at this time of year, reminds me that the dark is a necessary part of the light, and without the winter there would be no spring. Without the seed being planted under the earth there would be no new life. Without three days buried in a tomb, there can be no resurrection,

What ever your spiritual or religious beliefs may be, and even if the weather forecast for Easter Monday is snow, happy rhubarb resurrection, spring is coming, believe it!


One response to “Rhubarb resurrection

  1. Lilita Kenyon

    Lovely photo and beautiful sentiments. Thank you.


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