Take your time – comment 13

Aaagh! This was so difficult to draw! My silvery wrist watch, with all the flexible segments in the strap, reflecting light all over the place. Why on earth did I try it?

Well it is so much a part of my every day life, I look at it a lot. I arrange my day according to its golden hands and where it says I am, and where I’ve got to get to. And the round faces of watches and clocks are not the only way I measure time, numbers are displayed digitally on my bedside alarm, and as a countdown on my computer. Counting the seconds, minutes, hours.

I didn’t get this painting right, and I feel reluctant to post it. But perhaps it is a reminder that for all our attempts to measure time we won’t always keep to time or be on time. And perhaps there is no need to hurry any way.

So let’s just take our time.


5 responses to “Take your time – comment 13

  1. Margaret Stokes

    As someone who is struggling to learn water colours, I very much envy your painting skills. Aside from that, I love all your thought provoking posts that accompany the pictures. Keep them coming, please.

  2. Light is the hardest thing in the world to paint – and you’ve done it, on the strap.

  3. Thank you both, Margaret and Lilita, for your kind comments!

  4. No need to hurry…a great sentiment. If only the world would agree!

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