Writing well at the museum

Back in the UK for a week now, and we’ve seen a lot of rain, and felt the drop in temperature.

Today the heavens opened just as a group of us were congregating at our local museum, The Priest’s House Museum in Wimborne. The Museum hosted two Writing for Wellbeing groups which I run, Colehill Writers and Just Write. We had the use of their lovely modern learning centre, strategically placed next door to the cafe, which serves excellent teas and cake.

We wrote initially from objects from the museums collections which could be handled and appreciated physically. We wrote firstly from our senses, descriptive writing. And then allowed ourselves to follow trains of thought, memories, and imaginings generated in our minds by the same objects. We dug to a deeper level when we then wrote about the feelings and emotions stirred by the objects.

This “Body, Mind, Soul” approach to writing from collections is included in the year-long action research project, Museums, Health and Wellbeing  and it is great to have a chance to use the rich resources of our own local museum.

We may have started with a cold drenching, but our afternoon soon warmed up and as the sun came out we had a lot of fun and laughter exploring the fascinating and quirky objects in the Museum galleries and the beautiful gardens. Then we reconvened for teas and delicious cake, while shaping and sharing the word sketches we had made around the Museum.

I certainly enjoyed the afternoon, and it was a lovely example of the way our local museums can offer great spaces for writing, and enable communities to access their heritage as well as build new connections.


2 responses to “Writing well at the museum

  1. What a serendipitous post, Cilla – I’ve visited – just today – our local museum for the first time since it had a major revamp (it was closed for 4 years as a result) and as I walked around I was constantly thinking what a great place wor writing workshops it would be! Thank you SO much for the link to the report – bedtime reading for me right now, methinks.
    A most interesting and informative blog post! xx

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