Treasures from Pompei

A day of wonders from the past, this morning we visited Naples Museum to see  treasures saved from the archaeological sites of Pompei and Herculaneum. Amazingly fine marble mosaics, rescued from the floors and walls of the city buried in ash, along with wall paintings, sculptures and other artefacts of poignant beauty.

This afternoon we travelled on to the site of Pompei itself, where in 79 AD the town and its people were buried under metres of volcanic ash as nearby Vesuvius erupted.  Some were asphyxiated by the toxic gases, other burned or buried. It was moving to see the size of the town, and its beautiful villas, shops and public buildings. Many original wall colours and paintings to be seen, and grooves from the carts and wagons still there in the roads. So long ago and yet so present.


4 responses to “Treasures from Pompei

  1. I had been missing your posts and wondering if all was well. So… loving sharing your stories of places to visit sometime.

  2. Wonderful photos. It looks so lovely. Glad you’ve had such a varied time.

  3. Such a moving place. To reach out and touch those ancient lives is amazing.

  4. We only had time to see a small fraction of the site. Amazing place, inspite of the thousands of visitors.

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