Drive to Amalfi 

It was an early start today as we set off to be driven along one of the most famous roads in the world. Subject of numerous films and adverts, the Amalfi drive clings to the cliff edge and winds torturously along the mountainous coast. Progress was slow and stunningly beautiful.

At first the skies were grey and everything was cast in a silvery light. Sun was breaking through the clouds at Positano, and by the time we reached Amalfi the Duomo and the square were under blue skies.

The Duomo was full of noise, singing and applause, packed with Italian families in their Sunday best. It was a confirmation service and the enthusiasm and joy was infectious as everyone celebrated, crowding out onto the steps for photos. Inside the building was filled with music and  a golden light.  The peaceful cloisters and crypt held fascinating reminders of early Christians, and relics of St Andrew, the first disciple to respond to the call of Jesus.

We bought handmade paper at the old paper mill and drank iced drinks in the square soaking up the happy atmosphere.


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