Spring bling!

What better excuse than the spring equinox to post pictures of beautiful flowers. A walk around the garden reveals blossoms at every turn.

Shades of yellow daffodils and primroses, and hyacinths large and small.

Luscious pinks of camellias and hellebores, and the multi flowering stems of heathers and pieris.

What treasures!


8 responses to “Spring bling!

  1. Margaret Stokes

    What a fabulous assortment

  2. Gorgeous! Pity you can’t print your own fabric.

  3. Nicola Gledhill

    Beautiful indeed!

  4. Beautiful pictures! The spring flowers bring so much hope. I would just like some better weather to go with them. X

  5. I see you’re a skilled photographer as well as a writer. Truly gorgeous blooms!


  6. Thank you for all the nice comments! Digital cameras make life so much simpler!

  7. Gorgeous flowers, beautifully photographed.


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