Not just a pretty face -small stone 31

If I’m honest I have to admit I sliced open this watermelon because I thought it might be good to draw, not because I particularly like water melon. Won as a part of a fruit basket raffle prize, it is not a fruit I would normally buy to eat. 

I was not disappointed with the bright pink flesh hidden inside the green skin, but I didn’t find it easy to capture the shape and colour, and the juiciness of the fruit. In fact after I had finished I realised that the slice was sitting in a little puddle of its own juice, and I had missed that altogether on my picture. 

I have spent a month looking and drawing what (I thought) I could see in front of me. It has been an interesting challenge and changed the way I look at things. I have loved exploring the line and shape of my surroundings, and watercolour is such a quick and delicate way to capture shades and tones. 

But when I took a spoon to the melon I discovered it was much juicier and sweeter than I had expected and distinctly fragrant! There’s more to life than what we can see… 

More senses (and artistic mediums/media) needed. 


5 responses to “Not just a pretty face -small stone 31

  1. Cilla, I can’t find words to express how much I’ve enjoyed your daily small stones. They have lit up every day, and I so admire your lively, fluent drawing style and careful and wise choice of words to accompany.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and a daily glimpse of your life and thoughts.

    With love,
    W xx

  2. You’ve done a great job here. It’s always been the only melon I don’t like!! You’ve made it look beautiful and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe I should try it again as I was 21 when I last tried it!! I will so miss your paintings. Would love to see them in a book!!

    • I didn’t think I liked it either, but this one is really sweet!
      And of course my paintings are all together in a little sketch book, but with out the the words. I had thought I’d manage without words, but I found I couldn’t!

  3. Wow! I really admire your achievement this month. So many delightful paintings and thoughtful words. I will miss wondering what it will be today and enjoying finding out. I hope you enjoyed it too and look forward to seeing what you think of for next January…

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