Long memories – small stone 25

This quirky little trio of elephants stands on the mantle shelf in my living room. Not a family heirloom, they were an impulse car boot purchase a few years ago. They are each cracked, but somehow still charming as they fit snugly together. 

They say elephants have long memories, and with their large brains they have a capacity to remember faces over many years. Sometimes they have been even been known to recognise old friends by their scars

Today I met up with two friends I hadn’t seen for over forty-five years. At school together in our teens, we lost touch. But today the three of us spent an amazing few hours catching up, exchanging memories, happy and sad, and realising just how influential those school days were in forming our attitudes and life experiences since. Thank you for a lovely day, Caroline and Diana. 

Elephants, and old school friends, never forget. 


8 responses to “Long memories – small stone 25

  1. These are wonderful elephants! I havent noticed them in your house but I will look out for them now I’ve seen this painting. I’m so glad your day was so special.

  2. Diana Mitchell-Hambleton

    Today was really special, it is extraordinary how much we have learnt with the benefit of 45 years of hindsight!

  3. We’ve always had elephants in our houses – always facing the front door to welcome friends and ward off bad luck.

  4. It is our memories that make us what we are to such a huge extent. It was a great comfort to G and I to be with friends from my school days this summer when we received the news of his mother’s death.

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