Empty chair – small stone 24

A rather weird drawing experience this morning. On impulse I got out of the chair I was sitting in, and looked at it, and  decided to sketch it. This is where I have spent many, many hours writing my journal and my blog. This is the chair I have sat on while reading, researching and writing for my Masters in Creative Writing. And this month I have done most of my sketches sitting here. 

An old second hand tub chair draped in a huge Indian shawl throw, given to me by a friend, I have it padded out with two mismatched cushions. One cushion is a patchwork of some of my favourite blue Kaffe Fassett fabrics, which I cut and peiced together with great care. Most days I don’t look at the cushion at all, I just sit on it and squash it out of shape, completely disregarding the time and effort I spent in making it. 

But today I have looked with new eyes at the chair and the cushions which have been supporting me throughout those hours. I noticed the soft folds and subtle shapes of the throw and thought of the friend who gave it to me. I remembered the precision with which I cut the patchwork shapes for the back cushion, and recollected that the seat cushion was a sale bargain from Laura Ashley over thirty years ago. The chair itself was an eBay buy, with a previous life. This incongruous hotchpotch of things from the past, so often unacknowledged and unappreciated, is the trusty place which holds me secure as I sit and contemplate the day. It is far from empty…


6 responses to “Empty chair – small stone 24

  1. What a wonderful drawing. Could I possible get you to draw a piece for a blog post? Happy to give you all the credits and mentions you like.

    • I’m glad you like the drawing. Thank you.
      On reflection I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to draw a piece for your blog. I draw what I see in front of me as part of my mindfulness practice of creating “small stones”. Perhaps you might try something similar and draw a piece of your own. Just have a go! 🙂

  2. This chair with its cushions has clearly been a place of support and (relative) seclusion for you. Of necessity, you had to be apart from it in order to paint it’s portrait. Whether or not that’s what allowed you to share this private space, it radiates warmth and charm. Thank you.


  3. Thanks Lilita. Yes, interesting observation that I had to leave my seat in order to appreciate and share its true value. I must stop sitting around so much…

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