Cutting through the fog – small stone 23

I made a quick sketch of an essential item of equipment before rushing out to my monthly sewing class this morning.  These little scissors may be small but they can cut through to points other scissors can’t, important when working on fiddly pieces of work. 

These month we were cutting out intricate snowflake designs, creating and embroidering beautiful ice crystal shapes. But the only ice around in real life today has been black, on the roads. Together with heavy fog it caused several road closures and accidents in our area.  We packed up class early so we could drive home safely, as the freezing clouds descended again this evening. 


2 responses to “Cutting through the fog – small stone 23

  1. I love these small scissors. You’ve drawn and painted them so well. I’m wondering how long you’ve had them. My favourite small scissors were left by someone in my room in my first term in hall at University when the whole corridor had been doing some Christmas decorations for the corridor competition. I never found whose scissors they were and for nearly 40 years they have been with me!!

    • I’m afraid I’m much more careless with my belongings than you! I’m not sure how long I’ve had these, but I do know they are not the first pair I’ve had. I frequently lose them! Often down the cushions of the sofa…

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