Not finished – small stone 20

Recently a friend who was recovering from some surgery sent me a message to tell me that she was “fine-ish”. The predictive spelling decided she meant “finished”, and that’s how it was sent. She hastened to send another message assuring me she certainly wasn’t finished!

This knitting which sits beside my chair is definitely not finished. I have been working on it from time to time for many months, probably more than a year. I frequently forget where I am on the pattern. But it grows slowly on the needles. And as I’ve been drawing it today I wondered if I actually want it to be finished. I am not sure it will still fit the purpose for which it was originally intended. But in the meantime it provides me with the satisfying feeling of soft wool between my fingers, and the rhythmic click of the needles moving as I work along another row. Perhaps it will always remain “unfinished” but it still has a function, providing me with moments of relaxation and calm (and something to draw in my journal!)  Not finished, but fine-ish…


4 responses to “Not finished – small stone 20

  1. I’m sure predictive text is the cause of many a misunderstanding. I am really admiring your daily pictures and thoughts throughout this month. I’m sure I would have fallen by the wayside long ago

  2. Lovely “piece”. (Forgive the pun…)


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