Slipper strength – small stone 17

At this time of year I wear my slippers more than any other of my shoes. And I especially love this one, (one of a pair of course). Made of a thick wool felt which is warm and cushioning, but with strong waterproof soles just right for a quick trip to the garage or the bin.

Not the cheapest slippers I have ever bought, but they are so comfortable. And I do need comfort. Sometimes perhaps I have viewed comfort as rather self indulgent, a cozy luxury, and not a necessity. But the origin of the word provides the clue to what it is I need. Fort – from forte – is about strength, and “comfort” in archaic use meant to strengthen.

When things get chilly, or conditions are tough, we need strength and comfort. The warmth and protection provided by my slippers remind me of that. Comfort is not a luxury, and not found only in slippers!  Where else do you find comfort?


2 responses to “Slipper strength – small stone 17

  1. I really love the slipper xx

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