Green Monday – small stone 16 

Today, the 3rd Monday in January, has been dubbed by some as “blue Monday”. Supposedly, this is the day we feel down and miserable, as dismal weather, post Christmas debt, failed new year resolutions and seasonal viruses kick in… Probably just a gimmick for travel companies and others who want to persuade us to spend more money to cheer ourselves up.

True to form the weather is dull, grey and distinctly damp here today. I make a quick foray into the garden in search of something to paint. At first glance all looks a dreary monochrome, put as I pick a few leaves of Swiss chard my eyes begin to notice the variety of colours. Certainly green abounds, but then what is green? Certainly not monochrome. Despite using nearly all the colours in my paint box, I don’t think I can capture these leaves in all their full colours.

Perhaps even “blue Monday” might not be quite so miserable after all, if we just keep our eyes open.


7 responses to “Green Monday – small stone 16 

  1. Lovely seeing the brightness of these leaves on this horribly wet, cold day. This morning I invigilated an exam, by a draughty window, for three hours with no break and I had to stay next to one pupil as I was his “prompt”. (A “prompt” taps on the desk if the pupil is losing focus)! I was cold to the bones and felt very “blue” by the end so thank you for the painting!

  2. I do agree, we need all the colour we can find today.

  3. These greens look good enough to eat! >

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