Mum’s mug – small stone 15

I have had this mug for over twenty five years. I am very fond of it because it was the last Christmas present I received from my mum. She had bought me a set of four china mugs painted with colourful flowers on a black ground, but sadly she died just before she could give them to me in person. I opened her gift after her death, and for many years couldn’t bring myself to use them, preserving them carefully in the china cabinet.

More recently I have decided get them out of the cupboard and use them. Yes, some of the set have broken, but I still have two left. This one, with the sweet peas, is the mug that holds my tea or coffee most mornings. I use it knowing that it too won’t last for ever, eventually the rim will chip, the handle crack or it will get dropped and break. But I enjoy it while it lasts, knowing that my memories of my mum, and her many gifts to me don’t reside in this mug. They are deep in me, and those she loved, and will live on long after this piece of china has gone. 


4 responses to “Mum’s mug – small stone 15

  1. This post has helped me with my thinking on what to do with our mums’ things and you are so right, we don’t need to preserve them, let’s enjoy them in their memory.

  2. Such a tender tribute to your mother. It makes me misty. >

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