Listening shell – small stone 14

I feel some embarrassment about this subject matter. I can’t remember when and where I bought this beautiful large shell. I think it must have been over forty years ago in pre eco-friendly days, from some seaside gift shop. I feel sad to think that it was obviously plundered from its natural habit on a distant beach, but I was not as aware then as I am now, and I can at least be glad that it has graced our home for all these years. img_1105-1

Drawing it today, trying to catch its delicate colouring, as well as its solid weight, I remember being told as a child to put a shell to my ear to “hear the sea”. The pink folds of the inside of this shell are like an ear and I wonder just what it has heard over all the years it has sat on the shelf in my house? Perhaps I should be thankful I can’t lift it to my ear and hear the playback…


2 responses to “Listening shell – small stone 14

  1. Wow, Cilla – you have really captured the subtlties of colouring on this shell – very sensitively observed. I’m visualising this as a quilted picture?
    Thank you for continuing to share your watercolours – most inspiring x

  2. Thanks for your kind words Roz, and I like your idea of a quilted picture. It’s always hard to think of ways to transfer sketches into textiles…

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