Fruit share – small stone 13

Aargh! There’s so much I could criticise about today’s offering. Formulaic lemon segments for example… in reality they are not neat triangles! But I am gritting my teeth and sticking with my resolution to post my errors as well as successes.

Fruit – the classic exercise for all painters, from beginners like me to the Old Masters. We can take it for granted, stacked high in the supermarkets, regular shapes and blemish free. But, as any gardener knows, it’s not that simple.  Fruit takes a long time to grow, and often the crop can be unpredictable, prone to weather variation or disease. 

And as I was drawing some of the contents of my fruit bowl, I wondered about its purpose. To be eaten presumably, by the birds and animals if not by us. Certainly to be shared, the seeds inside to be passed on. A plant that withholds its fruit, won’t let it go and share it, ends the cycle of regeneration. 

So here goes, I’m sharing my “fruit” – naive, unripe and blemished as it is, and trying to remind myself that it takes time to produce a mature crop! 🙂


2 responses to “Fruit share – small stone 13

  1. Jacqueline Worboys

    I’m enjoying each offering, formulaic lemons or not. It’s inspiring me to get on with a weaving project.

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