Memory chair – small stone 11

This old chair is one of a set of six we have scattered around our house. They belonged to my maternal grandfather, I remember them from when we visited him as children. 

We don’t use them much these days, they are a bit uncomfortable, sagging springs and joints that aren’t as strong as they were. But when I was younger I often sat on them round the tea table with my grandparents. I can remember twiddling the loose spindles on the back, and rubbing the smooth brass studs along the fabric edge, often impatient and wanting to run off and play.  The sun always seemed to be shining through the windows when we stayed with them, although I also remember the excitement of snow when we visited them one Easter.

It’s strange where memories go; this old chair holds many of mine, mainly forgotten until I sat down and drew its shape this morning and found them reappearing like ghosts from the faded velvet covers. 


8 responses to “Memory chair – small stone 11

  1. I remember these chairs so well, round the table at “Sunsets”. I think they had a sort of fawn leatherette material covering them with a pattern in brown on them. Do you remember the salt, pepper and mustard pot when we had meals at the table? The Salt was a china acorn but I can’t quite remember the others. Maybe the pepper was a fir cone? It was a lovely place. I always felt safe there.

  2. I love reading your reflections. Thank you for sharing them. xxx

  3. Margaret Dtokes

    I love the way the shapes and feel of objects can dig deep into memories we have tucked away. This was a very worthwhile creative excercise on all fronts. Lovely.

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