Fresh mud – small stone 10

I felt in need of colour on this dull morning, so went in search in the vegetable garden. There were hints of orange buried under the black mud so I pulled a couple of carrots. The startling orange and lime green were bright and fresh, just the kind of “pick me up” colours up I was looking for.

But then, of course, when I came to paint the carrot, I was confronted with the mud. In the end I decided not to wash it before I sketched it; the dirty blacks and browns somehow made it more interesting! And gave me more to ponder as I painted…


4 responses to “Fresh mud – small stone 10

  1. I love the way I can enlarge your paintings and see all the detail and the many colours you’ve used. The mud is great. It is a more honestly portrayed picture of a carrot than we normally get. No life beauty without muddiness.

  2. Jacqueline Worboys

    I’m enjoying your visual renditions of each day this month. Thanks for your inspiring efforts.

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