Messy paintbox – small stone 9

I was fed up with the sketch I posted yesterday. I was interrupted while doing it, it was more difficult than I had anticipated and I didn’t get it “right”! And then this morning when I opened the little sketchbook I am using for this January Journal I discovered I had painted it upside down and on the back of another piece. All “wrong”.

So why post something that feels like a series of mistakes? Well, journals are supposed be honest, aren’t they? Or at least show a willingness to tell it how it is… So that’s how it was yesterday, for me.

Today I have sketched the little paintbox I use, a Windsor and Newton traveling set which I love for its compact portability. The challenge today was to show it in its true messiness. Dried up splodges of colour mixes, the nice little colour blocks dirty and smeared, and the sponge marked with brush wipes. But that’s how it is when there’s work in progress.

No mess, no work. No mistakes, no growth. Life is like a messy paintbox. 🙂


4 responses to “Messy paintbox – small stone 9

  1. Margaret Dtokes

    A nice analogy here.

  2. I wage a daily battle to try and keep the study tidy, today’s post has helped me stop worrying about it!

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