Soap and water – small stone 8 

A rather mundane object for today’s sketch, not easy to paint with its transparencies and reflective surfaces! I tend to take for granted the soap bottle in my bathroom, and the running water, hot and cold, when I shower or clean my teeth.

But this morning’s Radio 4 appeal for Pump Aid, which I listened to as I drank my morning tea in bed, was a timely reminder of just what a privilege it is to have soap and water, and a bathroom. May I be truly thankful.


3 responses to “Soap and water – small stone 8 

  1. I heard the same appeal. I like the way you’ve painted the soap.

  2. Horrible to paint, and I don’t feel very pleased with it. But it was useful practice, and encouraged me to donate something to the appeal!

  3. We take so much for granted. We are very lucky in so many ways.

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