Looking back … and forward

Endings of a year, or any period, are a time to reflect and review. And the pictures I have selected from the last few days are a collection of happy moments from our Christmas time with grandson, William, now nearly two. 

He sees things with eyes of wonder. He is interested in the smallest thing, relishes the sounds of new words, and wants to run down the same slope in the garden over and over again just for the sheer fun of it! He knows the joy of play, and his giggling laughter tells us  about it.

I can’t return to having the mind of a two year old, but I can learn from watching him. And he reminds me of a favourite few lines of Mary Oliver…

Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be amazed. Tell about it.

Since January 2012 I have spent the first month of each year trying to follow these instructions by writing  a “small stone” each day. For January 2017 I have decided to try something a bit different – drawing an everyday object or something which draws my attention instead of writing about it. It won’t be an accurate representation or a work of art, just an attempt to capture a moment in lines and colour instead of words. Could be quite challenge…


3 responses to “Looking back … and forward

  1. Looking forward to this, Cilla. A happy New Year to you both.

  2. Nicola Gledhill

    Looking forward to seeing your drawingsx

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