Dark December

After an unsually dry and bright November, December has been dull and foggy with the lengthening dark nights. The decorative lights in the streets, on Christmas trees and houses bring a welcome sparkle. Last night lights shining on Wimborne Minster outlined the old stones in a new way, and crowds stood and gazed at the illuminated images. It was a fun way to enjoy the contrast of light in the darkness.

Recently our circuit breaker was tripped and the whole house was plunged into darkness. We groped blindly towards the cupboard housing the electricity meters, winding up our rechargeable torch to shed a weak light on the situation. When we reset the switches and power was restored it was a relief, the moments of darkness accentuated the light we so often take for granted.

Sometimes, it seems, we actually need darkness in order to see the light, as anyone who has tried stargazing quickly finds out. I had been in the town earlier in daylight hours, but without the darkness the projected lights on the Minster would not been seen.

Makes me wonder if we sometimes underestimate the importance of darkness…


4 responses to “Dark December

  1. An interesting comment showing your usual depth of insight Cilla. We certainly need dark to appreciate light, but the tiniest chink can dispel the dark so quickly. Thank you, a cheering thought as the days darken.

  2. Thank you Niki, and yes it is amazing how even a tiny candle in the dark makes all the difference.

  3. How true. My granddaughter recently said she wished the sun would shine all the time and no one ever had to go to bed and I immediately thought ‘How terrible! I couldn’t stand it.’

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