Blocked, flattened and carrying on…

For the first couple of weeks of November have I have felt blocked and flattened.

For a few days we were literally blocked by road resurfacing outside our house, which closed the road and meant our only access by car was a bumpy journey down a small bridleway track.img_0800

Then I was flattened by a steam roller of a virus, which took its time to work through my system. The night of the US election I was kept awake by paroxysms of coughing, while watching political convulsions and upheavals across the Atlantic. No wonder I felt a bit worn out and flattened in the aftermath.

Unable to get out easily and feeling too weak, I spent some time working on an online course I had enrolled for with Jane LaFazio. Collecting leaves and other items from the garden, paying attention to their autumn beauty, and capturing their shapes and colours was great medicine against the sense of fear and despondency which seemed to have engulfed the media. The leaves, flowers and veg are passing, (we ate the veg last night!) but noticing their transient beauty and continuing the practise of kindness and love towards all life, is the greatest antidote to fear and hate.

Amidst all the fallout I was encouraged by a quote from from Toni Morrison. “This is precisely the time when artists go to work — not when everything is fine, but in times of dread. That’s our job!” It is at times when we feel most flattened or down that we need to carry on, create, make art and spread hope. Brain pickings


3 responses to “Blocked, flattened and carrying on…

  1. These are so beautiful!!! Well done….! What paint did you use for the colour?

  2. What lovely paintings. Nature is a great comforter, the seasons reminding us that there is constancy in an ever changing world. Hope you have now recovered.

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