A day to remember

A day like no other – sights, sounds and crowds! Venice in sunshine…

So amazing, under an azure sky, a magical city floating on an aquamarine lagoon. Twisty windy passageways, with intriguing shops, jammed with people of every nationality. Steep stepped bridges over quietly lapping canals, threading through tall elegant buildings, whose ancient footings are stained green and encrusted with barnacles. Gondolas, water taxis, speed boats, ploughing the busy thoroughfare of the Grand Canal.

Palaces, churches, bells and clock towers, and wide open squares, crowded with people listing to guides, or listening to live music in the elegant cafes.

I’ll leave a few pictures to tell some of the rest of the story…


3 responses to “A day to remember

  1. Looks as if you’ve had a day to remember for a long time to come.

  2. How wonderful. I love the masks. Enjoy the rest of you holiday.

  3. Gillian R. Callaghan

    I have never been to Venice. Wonderful to see your photos.

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