Unwrapping the present – small stone 3

“I’m sorry it’s not wrapped,” she said.

Gift from a friend, a small green shoot in terracotta pot, a label suggesting its potential.

Days pass and, inching skyward, the shoot is accompanied by two others, whose dimpled buds gaze up as if following a star.

The present is unwrapping itself…

 Hippeastrum – sometimes known as Amarylis. 

Apparently Hippeastrum means Knight’s Star Lily. 

Makes me think of wise men with a star in their eyes, who followed where it led and saw the future unfold in the gift of a newborn. 


One response to “Unwrapping the present – small stone 3

  1. It’s grown since Christmas!! Remarkable things. So strange and yet so beautiful. A splash of colour amidst the greyness and the rain.

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