Late Rising – small stone 1

For the last four years I have posted a daily “small stone” throughout the 31 days of January. A simple practice of stopping, noticing and paying attention to something ordinary. And then putting it in to a few words and, when possible, including a photograph as a visual reminder.

And now, at the beginning of another year, I have decided to keep up my tradition. Why? Because it has become a duty? Another ought or must?

No. I believe traditions and habits of all kinds need to be regularly tested for usefulness. My decision to keep doing it is because IT WORKS! It helps me tune in to the wonder of the world, and to see beauty in the mundane. Sometimes even ugliness and sadness can be a gift to wake me up and see things from a new perspective. So here I go again – collecting small stones for January 2016.

Late Rising
I come downstairs to make tea at 8 o’clock, opening the door to greet the day. Sharp bird songs call from silhouetted branches, as clouds part briefly to reveal a rose gold dawn.


2 responses to “Late Rising – small stone 1

  1. So glad you are doing these again. Lovely picture.

  2. I was wondering what the small stone referred to – what a lovely idea

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