Monthly Archives: January 2016

Blooming January – small stone 31

Yellow daffodil opening in the pot by the front door. Not the first this month. Snowdrops and crocuses are already flowering in the garden, alongside primroses. A mild January this year.



One year on – small stone 30

What a difference a year makes!

A year ago today I met my grandson for the first time. Yesterday it was his first birthday. He has grown and changed so much… 


Star drops – small stone 29

Raindrops on the window, transform streetlights into stars.img_3799-1

Different day – small stone 28

Same time, same place… Just a day later. What a difference a day makes! And a reminder that everything changes, we just need to be like the trees, dig our roots deep and wait for the storm to pass.  


Wet trees – small stone 27

Raindrops run down the window and pool in puddles on the lawn. I watch the trees toss their branches, shaking the water from their heads, like dogs running from the sea. Then they stand, raising their faces to the wind and wild wet.  


Buds in the rain – small stone 26

Wind and rain was the forecast, and so far it’s been correct. A walk in the garden required boots and raincoat. The camellia buds are showing but they looked like I felt – well hooded. 

Sheltered behind the garden bench, one flower was showing the weather its face. But the rest are sensibly biding their time.  

The back end of January can be miserable, but I feel encouraged when I see the resilience of the garden even in the wind and rain. 

Finishing the fringe -small stone 25

It does feel good to finish something. Today I knotted the last lengths of fringe on a shawl I’ve been knitting. It’s a bit smaller than I hoped it would be, but it was a sale buy, expensive wool, and only three balls. It has been a gentle, soothing knit, and I hope it will feel the same around my shoulders.