December flowering

On a stormy December day the trees are tossing wildly against the backdrop of a grey, rain threatening sky. One pine tree down in the woodland across the road. Nearer ground level there are flowers, blooming quietly and bravely in the gloom.

For each month this year I have chosen one flowering plant in Weavers garden to recreate in  a stitched picture. Results have been variable and can be seen on my Weavers Flower Journal page. The process has been hugely enjoyable and satisfying, with opportunities to experiment with different techniques, some of which have worked better than others. The journal is a record of the garden’s blossoming and the ups and downs of my learning curve!

Here is the December flower, a lovely Hellebore called Cinnamon Snow. We bought it back in February 2013 – an event  recorded in this journal blog. When I photographed it a few days ago there was a bee gathering some December nectar! How unseasonal is that? The stitch picture is a photograph printed on to cotton, overlaid with organza and machine embroidered.


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