Winter dancers 

I don’t think of them as autumn and winter plants, but our hardy fuchsias have been flowering all month.  I love their delicate hanging blooms and long stamens. They remind me of graceful ballerinas, en pointe,  in bright tutu dresses. It has been difficult to capture the intensity of colour and dancing quality in stitch. My flowers feel a bit ploddy in comparison to the real thing; more Strictly Come Dancing then Royal Ballet. They are machined stitched with layers of sheer organza on spray dyed velvet, with a few metallic threads and beads for the bling factor.  As always I have enjoyed the making, and they are number eleven in my Weavers Flower Journal  collection.   



3 responses to “Winter dancers 

  1. This is just lovely!! What will be your December flower?

  2. I agree, absolutely beautiful work, and surprising that they are still flourishing

  3. Thank you both, not sure yet what December will be. Will have to see what’s flowering!

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