Monthly Archives: October 2015

Car boot bling

Not quite finished, but here is a little cushion cover made from my finds at the car boot sale earlier this month. The bits of brocade fabric were cut from a child’s dressing up cloak, and the shiny threads have twisted up nicely into an edging cord and tassels. And I have learnt how to sew on shisha mirrors… 

Bollywood here I come!  



Different effects… 

It’s a grey old autumn day today, with the sound of car tyres swishing on wet roads outside my window. It’s days like this when I am glad to remind myself of sunnier moments. Even though the starry eyed Micahelmas daisies in the garden are now over and gone, I have managed to capture a little of their magic in a stitched piece. 

Perhaps not the most realistic of my Weavers Flower Journal textile pieces, but I have enjoyed the process of making it, and the mixture of hand and machine embroidery, with their different textures and effects. 

So much to see if we look…

This morning we drove to Badbury Rings through the beech avenue at Kingston Lacy.

1-IMG_3432The trees haven’t reached their full spectrum of autumn colours yet, but the view from the rings towards the coast was glorious with a shadowy Isle of Wight just visible on the horizon. 1-IMG_3446

Closer to us there was much to see, fluffy seed heads and rosey hips,  and delicate flowers at our feet.

As we circled the rings we also noticed tiny  shells, now empty of the snails who had lived in them, but beautifully patterned and every one different,

So much to see….


Late figs

Our fig tree has produced some lush, brown figs this year. I went without much hope yesterday to see if there were any left; it is a bit late in the season now. There were many small figs, hard and green, stiffly sticking to the branches. Definitely not for eating. But hidden under the fading leaves there were a few, heavy hanging fruits. Skins bronzing into a purple tinge, and slightly soft to squeeze. I found five, and brought them inside, where sliced open they revealed their sweet rosy velvet secrets.

Delicious with bread and cheese for lunch!