Rich rubbish

A lovely sunny Saturday morning, and we enjoyed a wander round a car boot sale at Kingston Lacy House. There was so much stuff, cleared from other people’s cupboards, attics and garages. For a few pounds I picked up some bits, including a collection of lustrous vintage threads, twisted decorative cords, and a child’s exotic jacket. The fabric is worn in places but it will cut up nicely to be used in an upcoming workshop on Indian style embroidery.

Later in the day we had a delivery of vintage rubbish of a different kind. A trailer load of black treasure, well rotted and matured cow manure. It will be well used to make deep beds in the poly tunnel, and spread on our vegetable patch.

1-IMG_3367A satisfying day of re-cycling!


3 responses to “Rich rubbish

  1. A woman after my own heart in both cases! Must have been a special boot sale if it was at Kingston Lacy and very nice items you picked up! As for the black gold in the bottom picture – just what I need here; it looks absolutely wonderful. Happy stitching and spreading to you!! 🙂

    • Thank you Roz! Kingston Lacy (National Trust) have monthly car boot sales in summer months. We don’t often go – we have enough stuff already. But occasionally other people’s rubbish yields treasure!

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