No show, no flow

We have to move off our allotment by the end of the month – developers move on in the spring. It is a sad process dismantling fruit cages, shifting water butts and transplanting where we can. And harder still when we don’t yet know when we will have access to the new plots which have been promised. We’re left waiting…

In the meantime husband Steve has decided to rebuild the dismantled poly tunnel in a disused patch of our garden. A bit shaded but it will provide shelter for over wintering. Has it gone smoothly? No! Despite having the original instructions there has been much discussion and scratching of heads trying to work out how it fits together. Bolts screwed and unscrewed, pieces flipped and turned. But it is taking shape.

Now another wait, for the covering plastic, supposed to be delivered yesterday, but despite our waiting in all day it did not appear. No show, no flow, we can’t “get on”.

 I too have had several bitty days of floundering rather than flowing. Waiting for replies to emails, for posted items which haven’t arrived, trying to access an online course I am starting soon, hunting for documents to complete my tax return, unable to find pieces of carefully stored fabric to complete a sewing project – you know the feeling?  The irritating feelings of bits and pieces, jumbled and disconnected, all needing sorting and restoring to purpose. But can’t be done yet, because I’m waiting…

No planting for next year until we’re allocated our new plot.

No winter covering on the poly tunnel till the plastic arrives.

No researching until the postman delivers my ordered book.

No starting, no finishing. No movement, no progress. That’s how it seems.

But there is still one thing I can do in the meantime – write about it! Perhaps it is all part of the process after all…


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