August flowers

I sometimes expect August to be hot and sunny just because it is school summer holidays. But the reality is often a bit different! We have had some very grey, wet days here recently and the evenings are already getting noticeably darker earlier.  However we having been picking peaches to ripen on the windowsill, and the sweet juicy blackberries on the brambles on the allotment are being enjoyed by wasps. The colours in the garden seem to be ripening into reds and golds with crocosmia, dahlia, and pots of pelargoniums.


Although they are a bit past their best now, I decided to chose the pelargoniums (sometimes called geraniums) for my August flower. I love their multiple florets and intense colour, and the beautifully patterned leaves are a bonus. I cut motifs from a Kaffe Fassett fabric, appliquéd and embroidered them to create this journal piece



6 responses to “August flowers

  1. It is even more beautiful in reality than on the screen, villa, thank you for sharing.

  2. Sorry, joys of a kindle
    obviously I do not mean villa!

  3. What a beautiful picture you created! The heads of my geraniums have rotted in the wet this month!

  4. so lovely and so clever

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