Picking the beans

1-IMG_3265This is the time of year when we are constantly picking and freezing produce from the garden. It is my husband who sows the seeds and tends the growing plants, and I am grateful for his green fingers and hard work. Today we have been picking beans – French, runners and dwarf beans.

This week has also seen a “harvest” from seeds of a different kind. Sometimes writing posts for this blog and my other family history blog “Among the Branches” feels like sowing seeds. I cast them out into the air not knowing quite where they will land, and whether there will be any return. Often they land on receptive ground and I get comments from my readers. At other times the only reaction is stony silence.

But a few days ago I was excited to receive comments on two blog posts from July and November last year. One from a distant relative on my father’s side of the family, and another from a distant relative on my mother’s side. Both connected to me through great, great, great, great grandparents – one set from Ireland, the other set from Cornwall. I am intrigued that pictures and information I posted so many months ago, about ancestors from 200 years ago,  should generate responses now, in the same week. Coincidence? Or something more? I don’t know…







For me it is an illustration of the power of the written word, shared with others by blog or other means. We never know who our stories might reach, and where they will resonate. I am grateful to so many whose books, blogs, stories and poems have inspired and encouraged me. It may not even be within our lifetime, but words can produce a longer lasting harvest than beans.

Keep sowing the seeds, keep writing, and who knows what bean stalks might grow…


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