Sweet pea profusion

A gentle stroll around the garden and I return with a full bunch of frilly scented sweet peas. They have been flowering for over a month now, and the more you pick the more you get. Yesterday’s heavy rain seems to have given them  fresh impetus, and I have two vases full on the window sill, wafting their scent towards me as I write this.

Sweet peas are definitely flower of the month, and here is my Weavers Flower Journal stitched piece for July. I think my  embroidered attempt is far too sparse – the reality is so much more abundant ( and fragrant!)



3 responses to “Sweet pea profusion

  1. annajanegreaves

    Both so lovely.

  2. The colour combination is just gorgeous – and what you have done with it in your stitched journal piece is so beautiful; I think you have got the balance just right – it is lovely to see each individual bloom. Thank you for sharing such perfection; I can almost smell the blooms from here!

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