June roses

The June garden is full of roses. The photos don’t do justice to the colours, and certainly don’t capture the fragrance! The pink rose on the trellis is a neon pink, called “Morning Jewel”. It  is flowering profusely this year since we moved it into a sunnier position. 129___064

I just had to choose a rose for my stitched flower journal this month. But roses are a challenge to stitch. I decided to try a reverse applique technique I learned on a Susan Brittingham workshop several years ago. Working from a black and white photo, I reduced the rose to three tones of pink, and built the picture piece by piece like a jigsaw, stitching from the back. Then I added surface embroidery, before quilting it onto a piece of hand printed fabric I found lurking in my stash! With hindsight I wish I had chosen a more silky fabric for the rose, with more of a sheen. Perhaps next time…


4 responses to “June roses

  1. Niki Gledhill

    . At Waddesdon last Saturday I walked through the rose garden, wonderful sights and fragrance…you have captured a rose so well here on textile, one could almost want to smell it!

  2. MichelleinScotland

    Come to visit via WOW facebook page.

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