This is the time of year when I often sit in our conservatory, with its colourful views of the garden and its good light for reading or sewing. Today there is the added bonus of the sweet fragrance of orange blossom. Our potted orange tree is flowering, releasing its heavy scent, and reminding me of Mediterranean holidays, sitting under shady trees where oranges hang heavy like golden globes against the blue sky. I am amazed at the way those trees seem to be able to blossom and bear fruit at the same time.
Sadly there are no fruit here on our potted tree, but there other refugees from Mediterranean climes. The bougainvillea flowering valiantly in purple against the grey sky, and the undemanding succulent, living quietly on the windowsill all winter, pushing forth its exotic flowers.

Our regular walk at Kingston Lacy this morning revealed more exotic treats. Glorious tree peonies which can hardly hold their heavy flowers upright, delicate orchids in the Victorian glass house, and neon coloured delicately scented deciduous azaleas…

Who needs faraway holidays, with all this on the doorstep…


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