Path less travelled

It’s bluebell time and we have a wonderful ancient woodland nearby which is carpeted with these beautiful flowers at this time of year. We set off to walk around the wood the other morning but were put off by all the cars parked all along both sides of the nearby lane. Obviously lots of others had the same idea, the path to the bluebell wood was very busy…
So we drove on and found a quieter place to walk.

Along an old track we met dog walkers and not many others. We enjoyed bird song, sweet smells of damp woodland, and banks of bluebells under lime green shade. Other wild flowers offered their own delicate and less intense beauty, and we took time to stand and stare.

Two old pathways, both well worn, one less popular than the other. Sometimes less is more…


2 responses to “Path less travelled

  1. annajanegreaves

    I guess you know the poem on this theme? I enjoyed these pictures. Have you ever thought of getting a dog? I wondered if you might really enjoy having one again?

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