Medley was a word used by a member of my Library writing group this week to describe our different contributions. It can mean a collection of unconnected disparate items, but I like it because it has musical overtones and suggestions of composition and harmony.

St George’s Day this week saw SCAN0036an enthusiastic medley of people meeting at the library to launch a community writing project. I have been working with local author Tracy Baines who has generously offered her time and expertise to launch our “Life on the Hill” project. It was fun to tell our stories and discover our many different interests and experiences, sharing aspects of our lives together here in Colehill. We hope to eventually produce an anthology of words and pictures to celebrate our little corner of England, and I hope the process of composing our “medley” will produce many layers of harmony together!

Another medley of people with different styles, skills and personalities also met this week at Embroiderers Guild . Inspiring textile artist Fay Maxwell got us working with coloured fabrics, ribbons and wools on painted canvas. Simple ideas, with huge scope for different interpretations. The work produced by the group reflected our diversity, and was a joyous medley of colour and texture, which we all enjoyed.

Fay's inspiring work

Fay’s inspiring work 

Our "medley" - work in progress...

Our “medley” – work in progress…


2 responses to “Medley

  1. An inspiring community project, enjoy your medley making, Cole hill, I have to separate the word as my kindle turns it into molehill each time!

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