April smiles

Into April and I am emerging from a virus of some sort. The non specific aching leaden limbs “why do I feel so miserable?” sort. But it is lifting at last. We have had some lovely sunshine which is helping me feel better, and the garden does its usual show at this time of year.
Here’s a taste…127___04

And another source of delight this year is grandson William. It is strange to think we did not even know of his imminent existence this time last year…1-IMG_2639

We met up with William, and Tim and Sofia on a visit to Bath where Ben is now living. We had a lovely walk together along the two tunnels pathway and experienced the reality of a long dark tunnel (1.5km), with light at the end of it. There were helpful distance markers, lights and even music to encourage walkers and motivate them to keep going.
The expression “light at the end of the tunnel” is for me the epitome of the importance of hope in our lives. Physically walking the metaphor was a good experience, and a reminder of the fact that faith, (even in dark uncertainty), love (of those who walk with us) and hope (light at the end) remain.1-IMG_2626


One response to “April smiles

  1. annajanegreaves

    So glad to see these gorgeous pictures., especially of the boys older and younger!

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