Finished piece…

Well the difficult threads of last autumn have finally come together into a finished quilt. More of a wall hanging than a bed cover, but at least it is a completed piece rather than a pile of samplers in a box.


When I started making the stars using the difficult threads I didn’t know what the final piece would be. Perhaps it’s like the “threads” in the stories of our lives, we don’t know what the final pieced together narrative will look like…


7 responses to “Finished piece…

  1. It’s beautiful!! Well done; a fabulous piece.



  2. annajanegreaves

    It’s gorgeous Cilla!! Mum would love it……

  3. Thank you Jane and Anna, for your nice comments!

  4. So beautiful – love the twinkle twinkle!

  5. I agree with Anna….guessing for William, what a blessed little boy to have you making such beautiful things,
    sewn with love in each stitch.

    • Probably not for baby William! Health and safety issues! Too many toxic beads, foil, and glitter etc. I think it might go on the wall here, so it will be part of visiting “Farmor” and “Farfar”.

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