We have just got back from a trip north to Macclesfield, getting to know the youngest member of our family – five week old William. He is just beginning to take notice of what’s going on around him…IMG_2419

We had a special meal out with Dad Tim, and Mum Sofia who was celebrating her birthday.1-photo (19)

Here is William eyeballing Steve – Farfar (Swedish  for Grandfather – father’s father)IMG_2449

And dozing here with me, Farmor – (Swedish for Grandmother – father’s mother) IMG_2426
We took a trip out to Little Morton Hall, nowadays beautifully kept by The National Trust. In the late 1700s Steve’s 6x Great Uncle -also called William (Thornicroft)- was a tenant farmer here. Records show that when he lived here it was in a pretty rundown state!IMG_2424


2 responses to “Generations…

  1. Niki Gledhill

    Lovely to see farmor, farfar and the lovely William looking so happy

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